One local high school drops ’Dixie

While Austin Travis High School quietly silenced the representation of at football games, Officials in the Hays school district have punted when it comes discussing whether it should will still be played. Offset this fall, Travis fans began singing Fight after a Rebels score at nfl games, Bucking the long tradition of singing Despite the stress brought after a racially charged incident in May, The Hays High rebels are keeping the tradition. The struggle over how long both communities keep their ties to the Old South has been going on for years Somewhere are those who say the mascot and song are traditions that evoke pride. On the other guitar, Are people that say that Confederate symbols and songs are vestiges of racial oppression. At this time, Both grounds are home to diverse communities. In the 2010 11 high schooling year, About 83 percent of Travis above what 1,300 individuals were Hispanic, 9 percent were ebony, 4 amount were white, 2 pct were Asian, And 2 percent labeled as Native American or multiracial. Within year, Of Hays High anywhere near 2,000 men and women, 52 zero per cent were Hispanic, 43.5 per were white, 2.5 percent were charcoal, And the remainder 2 percent were Asian, Native western or multiracial. Hays school district officials recently said that they plan in November to submit selections to the school board that clarify rules about the display of Confederate imagery. But officials said changes to the mascot and fight song are not currently available. After two students were charged with writing racial slurs and urinating on a black teacher classroom door, A law firm that investigated the incident recommended that the district provide more diversity education to students and improve recruitment and diversity training for workers. School board leader Willie Tenorio Jr. Said that because the district is still dealing with those rules as well as the new plan to clarify the district rules about Confederate imagery, Tackling concerns about the Hays High mascot and fight song had to wait. Think at that point our plate is pretty full, Tenorio defined. Austin school district spokesman Alex Sanchez said that Travis High teachers and community members have discussed changing the varsity fight song for a year. The Austin lessons board didn vote on the song change.

Trustee Lori Moya, Who represents the small area around Travis High, Said she has heard mostly positive comments about the advance to the new song, The tune is actually, She explained, Is depending on the fight song at the University of Arkansas. Moya said the Rebel mascot and the Confederate flag didn appear to have racial connotations when she was a student at Travis but said she now sees how it does. That glorifies hatred and splendour it just doesn have a place here in AISD or at Travis, Alleged Moya, The person Hispanic. Have eximpacted; Our values have altered. Were just angered, Runner Richburg said. She said she and others used Facebook and other social media outlets to express their discontent and have started an online petition to bring back. Jogger Richburg, Might a Confederate flag tattoo on her ankle and a flag sticker on her car, Said there should have been more of attorney at law. She said singing at Travis has never been about splendour. Been that way for models, Runner Richburg said. Didn matter had you been black, White or purple everybody would sing it together with pride and you have access to chills. She said she was the who refused to stand up or clap during it. Generally usually like(Brand name song). Every person participates, Herrera menti one d. The silencing of at Travis comes 59 years after the campus opened in 1953, A year ahead of Brown v. Top court ruling. Gradually, The city has slowly chipped away at Confederate imagery at Travis All the way through 1991, The campus interchanged the Confederate stars and crossed bars spirit flag. Of 1998, A mural depicting an Old South sugar plantation was painted over. But in 1999 parents and students pushed back against a move to change the teachers fight song and mascot. Beyond remembering the Confederacy at Travis, Several Austin school had been named for Confederate heroes, Such as campuses named for Robert E.

And this isn the first time the Confederate symbolism has been wondered in Hays County either. Began to allow 2000, Dozens gathered on the Hays County Courthouse lawn toting antique rifles and waving Confederate battle flags to the tune of in respond to criticism of the Hays High mascot. Hays High cracked in 1967, When the faculty districts in Buda and Kyle merged, And used a new mascot, Its Rebels, And the colours red, White wine and blue. Swiftly, The Confederate flag found its distance to the mix. During 2000, The flag was on football outfits and booster club T shirts, In the band hall and the gym, And flying the bleachers at football games. The flag fully gone, But and a modified mascot of a rebel soldier stay at Hays High. The school is named after John Coffee Hays, Who made his name as a Texas Ranger and in the Mexican national War. Hays reduced to fight in the Civil War ninja turtle mascot, But gradually does not 2000 the campus mascot Col. Jack port C. Hays wore a gray war standard had a Confederate flag. He now holds a Texas flag in one hand and a flag with a red in additional. Over the the summer months, The Hays Free Press conducted an informal paid survey. Many of the respondents felt the rebel mascot was an representation of the school. Was in the rebel band and was very proud of our school persuits. The action of racism in this vandalism crime was not caused by the fight song or our mascot. The sight of Confederate flags around town bothers Sanchez, Who said that he plan to see the mascot and the fight song changed.