#TransformationDay 23rd of April 2018

The digital transformation is about change of perspective, skills and an approach to change. And we need to change, now.

WHY #TransformationDay
We live in times of disruptive changes and complexity. We are facing sustainability challenges that provide possibilities for innovative solutions and entrepreneurship. Technology as a driver has given us more power and possibilities than ever.

In 2016, when DigJourney, the Swedish book Att leda digital transformation and Digitaltransformation.net, was launched the talk around digitalization was still very much around IT infrastructure, gadgets, sites/apps and concerns regarding What we as a business should do. Today, two years later, the focus is much more on the HOW, as in how we should deal with the changing behaviors that challenge our business models, how do we solve tomorrow’s welfare, how do we mobilize to re-skill our workforce etc. As a result of the digital transformation it becomes clearer everyday that our society is about to fundamentally change.

We, DigJourney, do not have all the answers. That is a why #TransformationDay is important. Together with You and our Co-creators from Ekskäret Klustret, we can approach the answers, question by question. Bit by bit. We have put together a day where you can choose to attend the whole day or just one or two breakout sessions.

Presentations from the day

To be updated.

DigJourneys spellista. #TransformationDay 23rd of April