Certification in the Framework of Leading Digital Transformation

DigJourney and BetaDigital training - this is what you need to take leadership over digitalization!

6 half-day intensive online skill boost, live with the author of Leading Digital Transformation and experts from Beta Digital.

Learn the framework that includes the digital transformationprocess, method to measure digital maturity, governance and tools for leading digital transformation.

Increase your knowledge of how to lead digital transformation for the best effect. Get in-depth knowledge of digital maturity and take part in DigJourney's way of working that accelerates transformation. Create value for yourself and your employees.

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Digital course, live via Zoom


Joakim Jansson

Joakim Jansson

Educator, transformational leader at DigJourney, author of the book Leading Digital Transformation

Lars Alm, DigJourney

Lars Alm

Educator, transformational leader at DigJourney, senior adviser of Digital Transformation

Tony Moroney, Beta Digital

Tony Moroney, Beta Digital

Tony is a highly experienced advisor to industry in Ireland, the UK, Europe, the Middle East, USA, Latin America and the Caribbean. His career has spanned both industry and consulting and he has particular expertise in strategy, business model innovation and digital transformation.

Louise O'Conor, Beta Digital

Louise O´Conor, Beta Digital

Louise is a strategic and innovative leader with 20 years international experience of digitally transforming and scaling businesses and teams across global markets and multiple industries – from start-ups to multinationals.

Paul Doyle

Paul Doyle, Beta Digital

Paul’s senior management career is defined by strategic transformation across business functions including operations, commercial, technology and finance.​ He thrives on creating value by improving cost, revenue and margin profiles through organisational change. He is an advocate and driver of business agility who successfully bridges the gap between technology capabilities and business benefit realisation.​

Who is the education for?

Consultants and changemakers in the private and public sectors who want to strengthen their competitiveness and sustainable value creation by running and leading transformation projects.

You can belong to a small or a large company it doesn't matter. The important thing is that you have the ambition to help businesses to be transformed and that you have an open mind on collaboration.

The course is based on:

  • Digital Transformation Framework - The transformation process, the methodology Digital Maturity Matrix, governance of digital transformation through the Transformation Plan
  • The book Leading digital transformation and
  • DigJourney's established digital transformation tools.

This training gives you

  • Knowledge of the Digital Transformation Framework and how to control the transformation.
  • Overall understanding of DigJourney's transformation process.
  • Detailed knowledge of the methodology The Digital Maturity Matrix and understanding of digital maturity.
  • Knowledge of the roles required to lead a digital transformation.
  • Insights into what role you have in a digital transformation and what your strengths and areas of development are.
  • Skills and tools for describing an organization's digital maturity and large-scale movement.
  • A draft of a transformation plan for the business you choose to work with during the course.
  • Certification in the framework of leading Digital Transformation

This is included

  • 6 half-days online live course days, time 8.30 a.m. -12.30 (GMT time), with DigJourney lecturer and course leader
  • Online program via weekly mail with preparation, knowledge and tasks
  • The book "Leading digital transformation"
  • Access to the knowledge base at digitaltransformation.net (90 days)
  • Work with digital tools such as the digital maturity test
  • Coaching and support between course days
  • When certified: Invitation to the Alumni digital transformation network with changemakers and access to the knowledge base digitaltransformation.net for 17 months.

I recommend DigJourney’s 'Leading Digital Transformation’ course to any individual, company or institution which is interested in staying relevant and competitive in the long-term to take this course. Through their proprietary methodology, you will enhance your self-awareness as an organization in a digital and complex world and be given the tools to chart your own transformation blueprint and action points. I would dare say, that the programs will help companies "rediscover their future".

Bernado Jun Managing Director at Spark 44

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Price for 1 participant: 1 500 Euro, 1 300 £
25% discount for participants 2 and 3 from the same company

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About DigJourneys skill boost

We believe that learning comes when individuals prototype, discuss and reflect. Therefore, our skill boost is designed as a digital transformation journey in practice with the participant and his/her activities in the driver's seat. We combine theory, practice, discussion and reflection.

By experiencing a journey with its developmental stages, we believe that the participant will be strengthened in her/his leadership role. We think it is important to "Live as we learn".

All our skill boosts are based on evidence based learning pedagogy, our in-house developed methodology Digital Maturity Matrix and Transformation Process. Our digital knowledge database and digital tools are also offered as additional support.

We also believe that magic is created when each participant shares their knowledge and experience in combination with ours. Therefore, we set aside a great deal of room for discussion and reflection that creates understanding and insights for work at home.

Joakim Jansson

Do you want a tailer made course in leading digital transformation?

Please contact me and I will tell you more about what we have done together with the Royal Library (Public Sector) and SAS (Scandinavian Airlines).

Joakim Jansson