Finally: The book Leading Digital Transformation is out! (and we need your help)

Monday this week DigJourney arranged #TransformationDay at Epicenter in Stockholm! It was a great day with fantastic speakers and panelists and it also showcased Ekskäret Klustretin a great way!

However Monday was also the launch of our much awaited book Leading Digital Transformation. Check it out NOW!

So why the book in English?

When I and Marie Andervin started writing the Swedish book Att leda digital transformation it was mostly because we thought there was lacking a book having a holistic approach to digital transformation (it was a lot of focus on IT and communication) and a book that focused on helping leaders get in command of digitalization and transformation.

Another reason for writing the book was for learning purposes. The luxury of having time to think, reflect and digging deep attracted me and yes, I have to admit, writing a book was on my bucket list as well. In terms of sales that was actually not that important but we figured that a 1000 copies would be good if we could reach. (knowing that 700 copies is an average for Swedish books).

We hooked up with the publisher HOI and after 3,5 years, 5000 hours and with the help of a 100 co-creators (from both academia and businesses) we finally released the book in March 2016.

Our vision is to make the methodology Digital Maturity Matrix a global standard for digital transformation

Two years later we have now sold more than 7000 copies and what really makes us happy are how the book and the methodology Digital Maturity Matrix in the book are used. We often hear that the book is a book people go back to over and over again and the methodology is used by more than 100 organizations we know of in both the private and public sector. Our vision is to make the Digital Maturity Matrix a global standard for digital transformation. That’s one reason for releasing the book in English. Other reasons are that we are often asked if we have the book in English and to add to that DigJourney has started to go international. We are still in an early phase and as of today we have partners in Italy and Norway with more to come and we also have clients in Finland as well as global Swedish companies.

What does the book contain?

The book is a translation of the Swedish book Att leda digital transformation and is built up around the methodology Digital Maturity Matrix that aims at helping leaders and organizations succeeding with digital transformation. In short that means:

What changes are there from the Swedish version?

We have added new data and also added a chapter about AI.

How you can help?

We really need help to get this ball rolling outside of Sweden. If you would like to support us you can do some of the following:

  1. Write a review on Amazon. This is one of the best things you can do to help! If you are a reader of the Swedish or the English book we would be so grateful if you could write a review. It doesn’t have to be long.
  2. Join the Facebook group we just started.
  3. Like, comment and/or share this post
  4. Tell a friend about the book, and the methodology
  5. Do the digital maturity test and get recommendations and tips
  6. Give the book to someone you like! 🙂

Where can you buy the book?

USA (Amazon)

United Kingdom (Amazon)

Germany (Amazon)

France (Amazon)

Italy (Amazon)

Spain (Amazon)

Sweden (Adlibris)

Norway (Adlibris)

Finland (Adlibris)


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