The Digital Maturity Matrix -Digital transformation with maximum ROI

Ok we admit it. A digital transformation process is never really smooth. It is a about changing the company from the bottom up and from the top down and as all change, it is painful at times. However we have put our hearts and minds into helping boards, CEO’s and management teams with this tremendous challenge. What we have come up with is a step by step method on how to transform a company into a digital leader. The methodology has been co-created by some 40 people; researchers, CEO’s and specialists and we have dug deep into digitally mature companies with the sole purpose of understanding what works and what doesn’t. This has resulted in unique methodology already implemented with success in companies today. Interested in knowing more? Please contact us!

The book that provides true understanding and tools for digital transformation

It has been written many books on digitalization and its impact. These usually come with a technology or communications perspective. It is too narrow a view and what we do is to bring a holistic approach to digitalization and how it affects your entire business. Central to the book is a methodology of how boards of directors, the CEO and management teams must be able to take command of the digitalization. We know that it is not until they do, things begin to happen for real!

The book comprises the methodology, 10 in depth cases, practical tips, exercises and digital tools.