Yeah, our TranformationDay at Internetdagarna a success

We did it!

Our #TranformationDay Digitalization + Sustainability = Future proof at Internetdagarna in Stockholm was a real success! We are very, very happy today (and a little tired, we have to admit …). We already knew that sustainability and digitalization are connected, but the sense of consensus around both opportunities and challenges, from an engaged and knowledgeable audience, awesome speakers and outstanding panelists, make us even more inspired and confident in our vision, which is about democratizing transformation , thus creating a positive and sustainable change for millions is really right. We are onto something big, and it feels great to note that so many want to join the same journey, towards a more sustainable world, driven by the possibilities of digitalization.

We also took the opportunity to launch a new milestone: our newly developed Future Proof Maturity Matrix, (in beta version) that helps businesses lead their sustainable transformation. We will tell you more about this in a separate post soon. Look out!

A big thanks to the following stars:
Karin Nyberg, Carl Fredrik Wettermark, Camilla Byrinder Lundin, Jacob Thärnå, Åsa Zetterberg,
Norah Klintberg Sakal och Mattias Höjer

With love from

Louise, Niccolas, Joakim, Lars, Marie och Johan

#ind19 #transformationday

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